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Quantum Leap Skydiving no longer offers the Static Line Jump Program.

Keeping with our tradition of providing the very best skydiver training available we have discontinued this obsolete program and focus our efforts on providing the very best Introduction Tandem and Accelerated Free Fall Training programs.

Every industry makes improvements in both equipment and training over time. Skydiving is no different. The origins of Sport Static Line Jumps go back to World War II military troop deployment. While this worked well for the military, and for the early day of sport skydiving, Tandem Skydiving and Accelerated Free Fall Training have made the Static Line Jump Program obsolete.


Tandem freefall classes are offered by appointment every hour beginning at 8:00 am. The tandem skydive is a duel instruction skydive where you and your personal instructor will jump together using a specially designed parachute system built for two.

After only one hour of registration and preparation, you will ride to as high as 14,000 feet, in our DeHavilland Twin Otter. You and your personal instructor will then secure your harness together and it's time to go SKYDIVING! The two of you will jump from the plane and experience the thrill of freefall skydiving
for up to one minute before pulling your ripcord to open the parachute. Once your chute is deployed, you will enjoy a peaceful, six-minute, parachute flight back to the airport for a soft, on-target landing. Immediately following your skydive, you will be presented with a certificate honoring your achievement.

Tandem skydiving is the easiest, most popular way to experience the thrill of freefall Skydiving for your first jump.

Maximum weight limit for a tandem skydive is 225 lbs
Plan on spending at least 4 hours with us for a tandem skydive.

Tandem Freefall Introduction Skydive.........$229

! After making your first tandem freefall (TAN 1), we offer a fun and affordable program
that will have you safely skydiving under your own supervision, in as few as 9 more skydives!

Show me the TAF (Tandem Progression to Accelerated Freefall) Program.

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Accelerated freefall first jump classes are offered by appointment. Registration is at 8:30 am, and classes begin at 9:00.

Accelerated freefall training is easily the best skydive training program available in the world today. This program is designed to teach you the basic knowledge and skills needed to become a licensed skydiver. With the AFF program you will be doing a solo Freefall skydive from as high as 14,000 feet on your very first jump. The Accelerated Freefall training was designed to replace the out-dated solo static-line program.

For your first AFF skydive you will participate in a pre-jump ground school where you will learn safety procedures and the basic skills of freefall maneuvering and parachute flying. At the conclusion of the ground school it's time to go skydive.
You will be fitted with your own state-of-the-art solo parachute system and you and your two personal, highly skilled, licensed instructors will ride as high as 14,000 feet in our Dehavalland Twin Otter for your first solo freefall skydive. The three of you will exit the plane together and freefall for up to one minute! While experiencing the thrill of freefalling for the thousands of feet, your two instructors will help you maintain stability and offer coaching tips as they freefall along with you. The instructors will also help you ensure that you pull your ripcord at the correct altitude. As your parachute is deployed, the instructors will fly clear of you and open there own chutes. Now that your chute is open you will fly your parachute back to the landing zone for a soft, on-target landing with radio assistance from an instructor on the ground.

Once safely back on Earth, your instructors will review your skydive with you. You will then be presented with a logbook for documentation and a certificate honoring your achievement!

Plan on spending the entire day with us for your first AFF skydive.
Maximum weight limit for an AFF skydive is 225 lbs.
Scheduled classes are held regardless of the weather.

Accelerated Freefall First Jump Course, AFF...........$299

Includes: All Equipment, Training, Skydive, Logbook, and a Certificate.

! After making your first accelerated freefall (AFF Intro), we offer an intense instructional program
that will have you safely skydiving under your own supervision, in as few as 7 more skydives!

Show me the AFF (Accelerated Freefall Progression) Program.

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Quantum Leap Skydiving presents free fall relative work training for all skydivers from beginners to experienced.

The SkyU free fall training program was developed in DeLand, Florida by some of the best competition oriented relative work skydivers in the United States. The goal of the SkyU training program is to educate skydivers of all experience levels with the most modern, comprehensive relative work methods.

The SkyU Program is based on extensive ground instruction, one on one skydives, and comprehensive debriefs of each skydive. The program follows the Skydive 100 Basic Body Flight video based training system. While the SkyU Program can be broken down for experienced skydivers, the beginning skydiver should be able to complete the entire program in three to twelve skydives. The SkyU Program is broken down into the following modules:
  • Module 1: The box body position and forward and backward movement.
  • Module 2: Upward and downward movement.
  • Module 3: Center turns.
  • Module 4: Sideward movement.
  • Module 5: Swoop skills (diving to formations)
  • **Within each module extensive instruction is given in skydiving safety and exits.
Graduate Benefits:
The SkyU graduate with approximately 50 skydives will have the experience of a skydiver with two or three times the number of jumps. This skydiver will be much more confident and much safer. In addition, one of the greatest benefits to the SkyU graduate, will be that he or she will have the skills to be on formation skydiving that will be much more successful and much more fun at an earlier point.
One on one SkyU coaching will cost $30.00 per skydive in addition to the cost of your jump. The fee includes the extensive ground work, the one on one skydive, and the debrief. The use of video on the skydive will be strongly encouraged and there will be a savings off the normal video fee on SkyU skydives. Please ask manifest if you have any questions.
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